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Here is another quality release from KAIST again .The maze game ith infinite number of levels for your fun.The maze have three hard to easy challenges to choose from.Each challenge generate different types of mazes every time.The Xpress maze also have online score upload features too.

Description from Author Kaist:

This is a new variation on the theme of “Labyrinth”, which is not like all the others. A distinctive feature of the game is an infinite number of mazes. The aim of the game is to hold the ball, using the accelerometer in the opposite corner of the playing field.

On the choice of available 3 difficulty levels, which vary in size generated mazes. Each time the game starts with a random angle.

The game has an opportunity to share their records and see the five best in the different levels of the game. The table records fall participants who most quickly passed maze.

Download here:Click here For Python 1.9.7

Download here:Xpress Maze.sis